about us

merge conceptual design is an artist collective founded by franka diehnelt and claudia reisenberger in 2003.

we have completed public art projects of all scales, both temporary and permanent.

drawing on a shared background in architecture, alongside art collaborations in both europe and the united states, franka and claudia bring a rich technical background and a unique design sensibility to all projects.

merge is certified as a disadvantaged business enterprise, as well as a women-owned small business enterprise.


we are interested in art with a strong conceptual component.  because our work is generated from its context, we use of a wide range of materials in our installations.

our work aims at creating a sense and awareness of the urban and natural environment. our installations have an inherent spatial quality and play with the viewer’s perception of an art piece in its surrounding while telling the stories embedded in the site.

working process

we generally approach a project through research — we always search for something specific, unusual, untold and unexpected that can create the inspiration for an art piece. this process guides us to the appropriate medium, scale and placement. our chosen narratives don’t necessarily have a literal translation in the art piece, but they always lead to site-specific work.

we acknowledge that there is always more than one solution and test different approaches and ideas. we believe in the value of collaboration, as it enriches the pool of ideas.

our collaboration is non-hierarchical: we share the same degree of responsibility and we view our artistic contribution as equal. both franka and claudia have worked in the field of architecture as well as art and are therefore accustomed to working with other design professionals, consultants, manufacturers, clients or an involved community. we view input from many sources as a key component to creating engaging public art.