the mexican tradition of charreada is a competition similar to rodeo. the tradition is still alive in the neighborhood and adjoining foothills, as evidenced by the “el rodeo” store at alum rock & white that sells clothing and paraphernalia related to the sport. we also interviewed a former mexican bullfighter turned writer residing in the area (rudy tenes, “hand to hand”).

norteño music is often performed at charreada events. this type of music is related to polka and corridos, with the accordion and bajo sexto six-string bass guitar among its characteristic instruments. the band “los tigres del norte” is one of the most acclaimed norteño bands nationally. its band members reside in the east san jose foothills. the band has won five latin grammy awards and sold 32 million records.

the patterns at this station evoke the topic of charreada with a charro’s silhouette and coiled lassoes on the pavers, while the patterns on ceiling and windscreen are laid out in the shape of wide brimmed sombreros, featuring norteño instruments and items related to the charro tradition.

information provided by darlene, rudy and lily tenes